Dbreeze Direct offers a wide variety of choices for internet connectivity so, wherever you are, odds are we can get you connected. Satellite will work almost anywhere but for all your available options, please call or e-mail us so we can discuss all of your needs and suggest the appropriate solution for your particular area.

As far as Satellite internet, Dbreeze Direct offers both Hughesnet and Wildblue satellite internet services. Before deciding on satellite for your broadband needs, we reccommend that a potential customer researches the availablity of DSL, Cable Modem, or Wireless point to point providers in thier area. The reason for this is simply that they are typically cheaper, allow for more bandwidth, and offer less latency than a satellite connection.

Another question that a potential satellite customer needs to ask is what is the service going to be used for?

If the primary use is going to be for VPN access than we would highly reccommend asking your IT department if it will work. Because of the higher latency in satellite communications many VPNs will not work. Hughesnet and Wildblue do not support any VPN protocalls. This does not mean that it won’t work, just that there is no tech support available for VPN.

If the primary use is going to be for gaming than satellite may be of limited value. Due to the higher latency many FPS, MMO, and RPG games will not play well. Games that do not require low latency should work ok. Satellite will be great for downloading updates, patches, and demos.

If the primary use is going to be for VOIP than a customer needs to look at going with a full on commericial VSAT. VOIP is not supported / allowed on the Hughesnet and Wildblue services. Please call us at (209)524-2225 to discuss satellite options for VOIP.

If the primary use of the system is going to be for web browsing, e-mail, and file downloading than satellite is the perfect answer for someone that needs an faster and more reliable connection than dial-up, and cannot get DSL or another low latency service at their location.

For more information on broadband services please give our office a call at (209) 524-2225 or fill out an information request form.

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