DBREEZE DIRECT sells and installs satellite systems for both television and internet here in the central valley of California. Our normal service area includes Stanislaus, San Jouquin, and Merced Counties. We can travel outside this area on a case by case basis. Additional mileage/Travel Time may apply.

Our normal hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM. Installation can be scheduled outside of these hours on a case by case basis. Additional charges may apply for after hours or weekend.

Base rates for installation are as follows: These rates are for “Basic” installation only and additional charges may be necessary if your installation is non-standard. For many new customer promotions the basic installation is free. Mounts for the dish are not included in the price unless noted.

If you are signing up for service as a new customer many providers allow for a “Free” or discounted installation. These prices are applicable to customers not signing up for new service.

DirecTV standard 18″ dish and one basic reciever. (add $20 for DVR locations)     $109.95

DirecTV 5LNB HDTV dish and one standard HD reciever (add $20 for DVR)        $124.95

DirecTV additional television locations (add $20 for DVR locations)                         $49.95

Dish Network standard Dish500 or Dish1000 dish and one television location       $119.95

Dish Network additional locations                                                                              $49.95

Hughesnet Residental internet system (Includes New trimast Mount)                     $199.95

Hughesnet Commericial internet system (includes pole or non-penn)                     $399.95

Wildblue Residential internet system                                                                        $199.95

Wildblue Commericial internet system (includes pole or non-penn)                         $399.95

What a “basic” installation includes:

The basic satellite installation covers mounting the dish on a first level (1 story) composition roof or wood sided building with the supplied mounting hardware (mast).

Up to a 100′ cable run along the outside of the building entering the building through an exterior and immediately adjoining interior wall from the dish to each television.

Up to 30′ run of ground wire from ground block to an approved grounding location

Connecting the satellite indoor hardware to your TV or computer using the supplied cables

Connecting each satellite receiver to an existing phone jack using the supplied 25′ telephone cable

Programming the satellite remote to control your tv (if correct codes exist)

Up to 15 Minutes of customer education on how the system works and what to do if there are any problems

A “basic” installation does not include:

Running the cable through an attic or crawl space

Fishing the cable through a wall

Aerial cable runs

Pole mount

Fascia build down or other fabricated mounting

Under Eave mount

Installing additional phone jacks

Special cables not included with the satellite equipment (HDMI, Component, Etc)

Cable runs over 100′

Grounding runs over 30′

Grounding rods

Installing on a roof higher than 1 story


To schedule your installation please call us at (209) 524-2225 or fill out a scheduling request form.

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