Ever want to pick up your phone; and control your home? Turn on the music, pick your Sonos station, turn up the thermostat, turn on the lights, and close the blinds… all before you arrive home. Get a Text when the doorbell is pressed, look at your camera’s and open the door or gate to let them in? Run your TV and audio systems throughout the house? Arm your alarm, turn on the heater in your pool, and almost anything else you want to control. BUT… do inside of one app? This is automation, and we can help.

Ever get tired of re-programming light and sprinkler timers every whenever the time or season change? Leave the garage door at night? Forget to leave the gate open the day the gardener of pool person is scheduled to visit? We can set up controlled lighting and access control so the lights turn on right at dusk and the gate is open or closed when it needs to be.

With Control4 we can help you make your home a true Smart Home. Please contact us to see what automation can do for you.


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